Why surfing the web is the best way to find a great place to stay

There are so many things I love about the internet, but most of all is it’s speed and accuracy. Perhaps instead of saying ‘internet’ I should have said Google, but I think you get what I mean.

Whenever you need help with anything, and I mean anything, you are in a jiffy, you just need an answer to an incredibly specific answer, the internet is there for you. In fact it’s pretty much the reason why it came about in the first place. It is a resource, and the best one there ever was and will be at that.

There have been so many tight situations I’ve been in over the recent years, where I know that without direct access to the internet I would have been completely screwed. Ten years ago, what would you have done if you were at a party or wedding reception in an obscure place and you needed to book a taxi but had no phone reception. There’s literally nothing you can do about that. But now, the fact that the internet is accessible on our handy phones means this, and so many other problems can be solved in very little time.

I think from time to time we are guilty of taking this for granted a little bit. Just imagine what our grandparents would say if we could go back in time and attempt to explain to them all of the mind-boggling and crazy stuff we can do just with a small gadget that we keep in our pockets. I sometimes forget to remember just how incredible technology is, and how powerful the internet truly is.

The fact that i have it accessible on my phone has got me out of many tricky situations. For instance a few weeks ago, I was visiting a friend in the south west of England, but unfortunately I had forgotten that I had already used my monthly minute of call time on my phone, so there was no way for me to get hold of my friend. I ended up finding a very nice place to stay for the night all through the internet on my phone. I typed in rooms to rent +bristol. I managed to book it on my phone too, and ended up having a very nice time indeed. None of this would have been possible without the internet.

If you want to, please let me know when and where the power of the web has saved your butt and gotten you out of a jam.

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Surf 983. I’ve put this website together so I have a space where I can talk about the world wide web. Surfing the net is probably my favourite hobby and it’s pretty much the only thing I do in my spare time. As you can imagine there are many things I come across and learn, and I thought I’d use this website as a place where I can relay all this information. Come back soon for my first article!